The only all-boys tuition-free elementary school serving the Capital Region.

Some people want it to happen, some people wish it to happen, others make it happen.
- Michael Jordan


Boys typically enter school 1-2 years behind their girl peers in language development. In addition, students from low income families typically enter school with significantly less robust vocabulary than their more affluent peers. Reading is the key skill students must master to be on the path to a college future. As a result of these realities, our program focuses first on accelerating the literacy development of our scholars.

In kindergarten through second grade, our scholars receive 180 minutes a day of literacy instruction, including time specifically for vocabulary development, guided reading, direct phonics instruction, and writer’s workshop.

In third through fifth grade, our scholars receive instruction from ELA teacher specialists. Shifting from the typical elementary model, our teachers in third through fifth grade teach specific subjects – ELA, math, history, science – so that they can be experts in that subject and focus their preparation time on providing outstanding instruction. Within these grades, scholars receive 160 minutes of daily literacy instruction for reading comprehension, text analysis, and writing.

In addition to ELA and math instruction, we believe a college preparatory education should include the breadth of a typical liberal arts experience. Our scholars receive daily instruction in science, history, visual arts, music, and physical education.

Academic Resources

We provide our teachers with a range of curriculum and supplementary resources so that we can meet the needs of all our scholars. The list below is a partial list of curriculum resources we use:

ELA: Engage NY Common Core Modules; STEP, Guided Reading; Write Steps

Math:  Engage NY Common Core Math Modules, Fast Math, Envisions

Science:  Mystery Science Curriculum

Social Emotional Development: PATHS Curriculum

Title I, II and III Funds

  • Title I, II and III are part of No Child Left Behind (NCLB) Act
  • A law that exists to make sure that ALL students meet challenging state standards
  • Additional money to our school based on the free/reduced lunch status of our students
  • Helps scholars who are struggling to become proficient on the state tests and grow academically
  • Helps proficient scholars that are at-risk of sliding accelerate their learning

Title I, II and III funds are used by our school to;

  • Provide additional instructional RTI staff
  • Provide an Instructional Coaches

Exemplary Instruction Outcomes

Click below to view state testing highlights.

BCCS-B Testing Highlights 2015

BCCS- B Testing Highlights 2016

BCCS- B Testing Highlights 2017

BCCS- B Testing Highlights 2018





Giving Back

Brighter Choice for Boys is committed to raising funds each year to benefit the Children's Hospital at Albany Medical Center in memory of Abdulaziz Fadul and Qazir Sutherland. This year Brighter Choice will once again participate in the Students Care for Kids hearts campaign. Hearts will be sold and displayed at the school from February - May, 2015. The generosity of our staff, families and community is greatly appreciated.