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Girls Academic Performance

At Brighter Choice Girls, we are proud to be a school community who understands that “emotions matter” and that how children feel has profound implications for learning, success, and well-being. Our goal is to equip Brighter Choice Charter School for Girls scholars for success today, and for life. Check out our academic increases!
English Language Arts (2017) 0
English Language Arts (2018) 0
English Language Arts (2019) 0
Math (2017) 0
Math (2018) 0
Math (2019) 0

One component of the Brighter Choice Girls mission  is to focus on the development of  social, behavioral, and organizational skills necessary for future success.  We are excited to be using RULER, an evidence based approach to social emotional learning that helps the school community integrate the teachings of emotional intelligence into daily life.

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RULER teaches five key emotional intelligence skills:

Recognizing emotions in one’s self and others

Understanding the causes and consequences of emotions

Labeling emotions accurately

Expressing emotions appropriately

Regulating emotions effectively

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