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    Girls Chromebook Agreement

    What is your scholar being issued?

    • Chromebook: your scholar has been issued a Chromebook and a charging cord. The Chromebook will allow your scholar to utilize the various online resources required to complete their assignments during remote learning. This Chromebook is registered to your individual scholar and you and your scholar are accountable for this Chromebook for the remainder of the remote instructional period.

    I understand that issued items, listed below, are property of Brighter Choice Charter School and MUST be returned upon completion of remote learning. Parents/Guardians are responsible to replace Chromebooks that are lost, stolen or damaged beyond repair.

    Guidelines for Using Brighter Choice Charter School - Issued ChromeBooks

    Scholar use of the Internet and computing devices while off school property is a privilege. Use of ChromeBooks during this period of remote learning is designed to ensure scholars can complete their assignments and stay on track.

    Scholars will be responsible for returning the Chromebook to school each day of in-school instruction. Please ensure they are returned in the same working condition as when they were sent home.

    Additionally, please use the following guidelines when using the device:

    • Chromebooks and Internet Hotspots should only be used by the Brighter Choice scholar to whom they were assigned.
    • Chromebooks should only be used to complete schoolwork and NOT for entertainment or other purposes.
    • Chromebooks should be kept away from liquids and food.
    • Chromebooks that are lost, stolen or damaged beyond repair will be paid for by the Parent/Guardian.
    • If you have a question, concern, or trouble using your Chromebook, please contact your homeroom teacher for assistance.

    Additionally, all Brighter Choice scholars agree that they will not participate in any of the following activities when using the Internet or Brighter Choice Chromebooks:

    • Sending or displaying offensive pictures, using obscene language, or harassing, insulting, threatening or abusing other network users;
    • Any activity that encourages the use of drugs, alcohol or tobacco, or that promotes any activity prohibited by law or Brighter Choice policy;
    • Posting, sending or displaying any personal identification information of anyone under 18;
    • Using the Internet for financial gain;
    • Damaging or disrupting equipment, software or system performance;
    • Using others’ passwords or accounts;
    • Posting anonymous messages or messages with a false identity;
    • Trespassing in or deleting files, info, or data that does not belong to you;
    • Downloading or printing files or messages that are profane, obscene, or that use language that offends others;
    • Playing unauthorized games;
    • Computer piracy, hacking, or any tampering with hardware or software;
    • Using the Internet for any illegal activity, including violation of copyright or other laws;
    • Activities that allow a computer or network to become infected with a virus or other destructive influence.

    Brighter Choice Technology Promise

    • I will uphold high standards of academic integrity, adhering to academic guidelines provided by all instructors and meeting the intellectual challenges of the program through honest effort and hard work.
    • I will be actively and fully engaged in my session(s) by:
      • Readily participating and responding when prompted either by unmuting myself or using the chat feature if directed by my instructor.
      • Turning on my video camera.
      • Not navigating to other tabs or web pages unless directed by my instructor.
      • Coming prepared to all sessions including completed assignments and purchasing any required materials in advance.
    • I will participate in my session from a common or quiet space in my home and will not participate from a bathroom or other inappropriate setting.
    • I will wear my school uniform for all sessions.
    • I will respect myself, my peers, and my instructor(s).
      • I will not take screenshots, pictures, Snapchats, etc. or make any audio or video recordings of my instructor or fellow students.
      • I understand that anything said on a virtual platform- whether out loud or within the “chat” feature- must remain school appropriate.
      • I will use language in a manner that is respectful, inclusive, and appropriate for a healthy learning environment.
      • I will not share login information with scholars who are not participating in my session.
    • I will adhere to the Brighter Choice Charter Schools Technology, Internet Safety, and Social Media Acceptable Use Policy.
    • I will not discriminate based on the categories of culture, socioeconomic background, race, ethnicity, gender, gender identity, sexual orientation, disabilities, religion, intelligence, life experience, or others.
    • I will not engage in any form of harassment, bullying, or hazing.
    • I will not engage in any form of misconduct nor conduct myself inappropriately on video cameras.
    • I understand that I am representing Brighter Choice and I must adhere to the Brighter Choice Charter Schools Code of Conduct.

    Scholars who participate in these or other inappropriate activities will face disciplinary consequences upon their return to school and may be prohibited from using school technology in the future.

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