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Monday – Friday until 5:30 PM

The Brighter Choice After-School Enrichment Program gives scholars the opportunity to participate in an extended learning day that contributes to their academic achievement, social development, and tools to make healthy lifestyle choices. The focus will be on character education, social development, and recreation.

Movie Critics 

Ever wonder what it was like being a movie critic? Our scholars in the afterschool program are learning first hand! While participating in the movie critics group, scholars are able to wind down after a day of learning with a grade-appropriate movie showing. Once our scholars view a film they reflect upon the movie with critical thinking and peer discussion. Finally, they are able to express their own opinions about the film by writing a review. Discussion and reviews are tailored to each scholar’s learning abilities so they all can be successful in the group. Be on the lookout for published reviews written by our movie critics in the future!

Creative Minds

Creative Minds will be working on new arts and crafts projects every week, with a “free day” for each grade once a month. This will allow scholars to be creative and explore their personal creativity. Projects will include seasonal, holiday, and character-based themes. Scholars will not only create works of art, but will also learn about different cultures, animals, and traditions. Parents will be excited to see what your scholars create and have the opportunity to watch their imaginations come to life.

Team Builders

Team Builders allow students to build a stronger relationship with one another, as well as solve challenging problems as a team. Building these types of skills helps children learn how to enhance their communication skills while also limiting conflict with one another. Active team-building strategies that are shown to students help them create a more energized classroom, even helping to take learning to a new level. Some activities such as seeing which group can build the tallest tower out of toothpicks and marshmallows help students work together and understand the true meaning of being a team, which is a crucial element in a child’s education.

Volley Time

Volley Time permits girls the opportunity to learn the fundamentals of volleyball and have fun while doing it. The program has a strong emphasis on fundamental skill development while teaching students about the essentials of listening skills, following rules, strategies, cooperation, and teamwork. Volley Time is a contactless activity that is engaging and sure to make you work up a sweat.

Games & Fun Galore

This fun-filled club allows scholars a fun and educational experience while exploring a variety of board games. The games mainly focus on strategy techniques and problem-solving skills while also encouraging critical thinking skills. The program also teaches students the importance of sportsmanship and of course the club is filled with tons of laughs and fun galore.

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