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    Re-Registration Form for Girls

    Scholar's Name

    Current Grade


    Home Address

    Secondary Contact Information (other than Parent/Guardian listed above)
    Relationship to Student


    PROOF OF RESIDENCY REQUIRED FOR ALL SCHOLARS – Please attach two current proofs of residency

    Documents accepted by the district are:

    • Phone Bill/Cell Phone
    • Utility Bill
    • Cable Bill/Satellite
    • Furniture Rental Statement
    • Auto Insurance ID Card

    • Original Lease Agreement
    • Payroll Check/Income Tax
    • Social Security Statement
    • DSS Documentation
    • Document issued by federal, state, or local agencies

    Authorization Form


    Please provide an explanation of alerts, if needed:

    Health Alert:

    Allergy Alert:

    Custody Alert:
    If yes, who has custody?

    Order of Protection Alert:


    It may be necessary to close school early due to an emergency. The most common reason for an emergency dismissal is hazardous weather conditions. Please indicate below if your child will ride the bus or be picked up if school has an emergency early dismissal.


    Please provide below the cell or landline number you wish to receive text or voice messages in the event of school closure, early dismissal, program cancellations, etc.

    Cell Number:


    I, as parent or guardian of the student named above, provide the adults listed below authorization to pick-up my child from school. I realize that the school may contact a person listed below in the event of an emergency when they are unable to reach the primary contacts listed on the registration form.

    Please list parents below as well

    Parent/Guardian Signature


    Publicity Release

    Please indicate whether your daughter can be included in a photo or interview during their enrollment at Brighter Choice Charter School for Girls, if this opportunity should occur. Various pictures of school activities will be posted on the website of any Brighter Choice Schools or its affiliates and may be used for official school newsletters, brochures or ads. Also, from time to time, news reporters, TV stations and various officials visit the school to learn more about our exciting approach to educating your children. During these visits we are often asked if it is OK to photograph children in classrooms or interview individual students.

    Parent/Guardian Signature

    Academic & Art Work Release

    There are occasions when Brighter Choice officials will display student academic and/or art work in the school building and artwork off-site such as the local post office. Please indicate whether your daughter's work can be displayed during their enrollment at Brighter Choice Charter School for Girls, if such an opportunity should occur.

    Parent/Guardian Signature

    Parent Commitment

    Mission Statement: The mission of Brighter Choice for Girls is to ensure that our scholars have the same opportunities for future success as scholars attending the best public school in the region. The three significant components to achieving their mission are: Exemplary instruction; development of social, behavioral, and organizational skills; and education beyond the basics.

    Faculty Commitment

    The faculty at Brighter Choice for Girls will:

    • Agree with the mission statement of the school and will do their part to assist in its success.
    • Arrive to school each day at 7:30 am, stay each day until 3:30 pm and only miss school in unavoidable circumstances.
    • Always teach the best way they know how and will do whatever it takes for scholars to learn.
    • Promise to communicate regularly with parents and be available either in person or by phone within 24 hours of a parent's request to speak with them.
    • Assign productive, worthwhile homework.
    • Strive to form meaningful and positive relationships with scholars.
    • Be relentless in improving the performance of their scholars and ensuring the success of the BCCS mission statement.
    • Always protect the safety, interest and rights of all individuals.
    • Accept responsibility for the success of all their scholars.

    Parent Commitment

    • I agree with the mission statement of the school and will do my part to assist in its success.
    • I will ensure that my daughter arrives to school each day by 7:30 am, and stays each day until 3:30 pm and only misses school in unavoidable circumstances. I understand that if my daughter fails to attend school on a regular basis that the school will notify CPS and that my daughter may be at risk of promotion to the next grade level.
    • I understand that bringing my daughter late to school or picking my daughter up early for reasons other than a medical appointment is unacceptable. I will make every attempt to schedule appointments during school breaks, first thing in the morning or late in the afternoon to avoid missing too much school time.
    • I will send my daughter to school each day in a complete and clean uniform.
    • I understand that my daughter must follow all Brighter Choice rules to protect the safety, interests and rights of all individuals in the classroom. I am ultimately responsible for the actions of my daughter.
    • I will fully support the school's discipline system and supportively accept any decisions to suspend my daughter. I agree to go to my daughter's school immediately if she engages in unsafe or destructive behavior.
    • I will monitor and sign my daughter's behavior log and homework every night to ensure that it is completely thoughtfully, carefully and on time.
    • I understand that I am a stakeholder in my daughter's education and I agree to participate in the school life of her education.
    • I will do everything I can do to make my daughter successful.

    Your signature below signifies agreement with the preceding parent commitment:

    Signature of Parent/Guardian

    Transportation Request Form


    75 Watervliet Avenue, Albany, NY 12206
    Phone (518) 475-6170


    *Albany and Schenectady residents only. Residents from other districts must obtain transportation application from their district transportation office or website.

    PLEASE NOTE Kindergarten through 6th grade receives yellow busing, 7th - 12th grade use CDTA swiper

    Please schedule my child for transportation

    Students may be picked up or dropped off at APPROVED child care locations. However, pick-up and/or drop-off must occur at the SAME ADDRESS for all five days of the week and be within district boundaries and also 1.5 MILES or more from school attending.

    AM Pick-up Address

    PM Drop-off Address

    Daycare Provider


    Student's Birth Date

    Parent(s) / Guardian Contact Information

    Last Name
    First Name
    Last Name
    First Name

    I have read and understand all of the information provided on this transportation request form. I certify that I am a resident of the City School District of Albany and am entitled to receive transportation services.

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