Welcome to the 2019-2020 School Year of Resilience!

Karen_McleanOur 7 key design elements will continue to drive our practices this school’s year.

  1. 1. High Impact Professional Development for Educators: We want to ensure that all staff working and interacting with your scholars are highly qualified to do so. Our professional development sessions and opportunities build the capacity of staff to engage in proved practices that are in the best interest of the scholars and community that we serve.

2. Engaging Academic Program: We want to ensure that your scholars are involved in rigorous learning and that they enjoy learning in the classroom as well. As a result, we built our curriculums around the learning styles of boys. This year we will be introducing two new curriculums in the classroom that focuses on science and building the writing capacity of scholars in kindergarten and 1st grade. We are also revising our instructional framework to allow for consistent, differentiated and meaningful lessons in the classrooms.

3. Integrated Studies: What better way to make learning meaningful than to integrate content areas. Scholars will be able to make connections across all subject areas with our approach to integrating studies in the classroom.

4. Data Driven Instruction: This year we are going to focus on our assessment program in order to ensure that the data received from these assessments are authentic and rigorous to what’s expected for each grade level. We are going to continue to be deliberate in using and responding to data to address any misconceptions, misunderstanding and gaps that are present in classrooms. We will continue to progress monitor scholars to determine what further interventions are needed.

5. Focus on Character Development and Problem Solving Skills: While scholars’ academic needs are important, their social emotional needs must be addressed as well. Our social emotional program taking place in the classrooms set us apart from others. The focus is to build the problem solving skills of our scholars and to develop their character as future leaders.

6. Parent and Community Partnerships: We need our parents and community to partner with us. However, to do this they must first understand our mission and be clear about the work that we do. Throughout the year we will host events open to our families and community so that we can continue to build positive relationships. We also plan on being responsive to the feedback acquired from our parent surveys.

7. More time on task: The time acquired from our longer school day and year allows us to be more targeted to the academic, social and emotional needs of the scholars that we serve.

As a staff we are committed and driven by our vision to execute the elements within our key design elements. The vision of “resilience through persistence, determination and strength” empowers and motivates us to do our best work! This vision should do the same for our scholars and families. Be sure to be resilient with the following;

  • Ensure scholars complete their homework nightly
  • Be responsive to notes/requests that are sent home
  • Positively interact with your scholar’s teachers and staff at Brighter Choice
  • Be informed and compliant with school policies and expectations
  • Attend and participate in school events and activities

We look forward to a productive school year! Again, welcome to the 2019-2020 school year. It continues to be a blessing and honor to serve as principal of this amazing school!


Karen Mclean


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